Siamo poeti maledetti senza più dimora
Ma questi fiori del male sanno di vittoria
Stacca petalo su petalo, tu transitoria
Mi fai sentir come Dedalo senza memoria
Perso nel mio stesso labirinto, mi hai convinto
A far la figura del vinto, poeta estinto
Ogni fallimento l'ho scritto, l'ho dipinto
Poi ho bruciato il foglio e la tela per avere un secondo inizio

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Looking at my implementation for this ticket. I think I’m gonna need to tap the sign.

@solidsanek it's a Crunchy-powered Athearn Purrisis 4x4 locomotive!

@Moon well I once used that piece of crap of Java-written software and had issues when using persistent queues. They were somehow slower. I tried to optimize some settings like socketBufferSize, prefetchLimit etc. In the end, it was still slower than RabbitMQ.

@lebronjames75 the drunk, the fat f*ck, the crackhead, the pedo, double chin, asian, kerastase, "I need the bathroom."

@wakame @evelyn Just install WindowMaker in a Linux box and you'll have the same experience

@wakame @evelyn for me it was the <marquee> tag. So vintage 😂

@YeetLibs I don't know american priests but italian ones knows everything about everyone. In comparison the CIA and FBI are f*ckin noobz. So I honestly don't know what that woman was thinking about while confessing everything to him, like he's a lawyer with "professional secret" ? 😂

@evelyn exactly, it's just a matter of whom you tell about your story, rather than how. I mean why everyone in the world should know that I bought a pixel? Why can't I just tell it to my closest friends or family? And, for me this is the biggest question, why the f*** should I give so much confidence to everyone and authorized them to comment everything about me? This could be an infinite discussion imo 🤣

@evelyn [boomer mode activated]
Nowadays, it is more important to share memories than living them. 20 years ago if someone would had shared so many amount of facts in person, the answer would have been "dude..I don't give a f***. Shut up".
The excessive "hashagization" is just a phenomenon to justify a compulsive way to search for notoriety, like saying "I'm the first one that bought the Pixel and shared my thoughts! I'm cool!".

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@ZySoua and the first appearance of him is in 1981 with Donkey Kong. Let's throw some more random numbers 😂

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I just learned that Mario is 155cm tall and weighs 136kg as stated Super Mario wiki....

Mario is a fat f*ck...

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